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Pump Testing

Bearing Fault Analysis

Field testing can assist in determining pump condition and optimizing maintenance planning. Planned maintenance can often be postponed or avoided based on testing data that verifies the pump condition.

Energy can be saved by optimizing pump and system operations. ProPump Services has experienced engineers equipped with the right tools to identify and solve your most complex pump, drive and system-related problems.

ProPump Services can supply experienced personnel and test equipment to perform a full range of pump, driver, and system testing. OEM-trained pump engineers are available to assist in the testing, analysis, and design improvements for most pump types and OEM brands.

A diagnostic specialist or pump engineer will visit your site, review the pump operating and maintenance history, conduct a walkdown inspection, interview operation and maintenance personnel, and perform required specialized testing to collect data that includes

Hydraulic Performance   

Vibration Spectrum Analysis  

  • Pump capacity
  • Total dynamic head
  • Brake horsepower
  • Pump efficiency
  • Net positive suction head
    available/ required
  • Temperatures
  • Acceptability of overall
    and peak values
  • Analysis of individual peak
  • Operating deflected shape
    [optional as indicated]

Pump Support System Review

  • Piping interface
  • Bearing/ lubrication support
  • Seal flush/ seal injection plans

Typical Instrumentation

Instrumentation and analysis is supported by an experienced team of pump testing engineers.

Pump testing equipment includes:

  • Dual channel ultrasonic flow meter
  • Dual channel vibration spectrum analyzer
  • Calibrated pressure gages
  • Thermal imaging scanner
  • Digital camera
  • Motor analyzer (optional)