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Pump Vibration Analysis

Pump Vibration Analysis

Spectral Analysis

Pump spectral analysis separates the overall vibration level into amplitudes at discrete frequencies and is helpful in determining the cause of the vibration. For example, a  peak at the running speed (1X RPM) may indicate rotor imbalance, while a peak at the blade passing frequency (BPF = Z x RPM where Z is the number of impeller vanes) typically indicates a hydraulic issue.

Modal Analysis

Modal analysis is used to characterize resonant vibration in machinery and structures. Resonant vibration can cause or contribute to a wide variety of machinery problems which include:

  • Accelerated component wear
  • Inability to maintain tolerances
  • Premature fatigue
  • Unacceptable noise levels

Operating Deflection Shape (ODS)

An ODS is the simplest way to see how a machine or structure moves during its operation, either at a specific frequency or at a moment in time. These shapes are used to determine vibration mode shapes as well as internal and external excitation forces.

Advanced Vibration and System Analysis

  • Impact testing
  • High resolution analysis
  • Bearing/ gear analysis
  • Run-up and coastdown testing
  • Cross channel amplitude/ phase
  • Orbit plotting
  • Pressure pulsation testing

Typical Instrumentation

  • Multi-channel vibration spectrum analyzer
  • Post processing modal and ODS software
  • Calibrated impact hammers
  • Data recorders
  • Wireless data transmitters